Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What is taught at UN schools

Why would evil Israelis fire at a UN school for innocent Arab children (and by children I mean boys)?

Of course, this is not the angle most journalists have played it from. After all, would you expect journalist to go against their nature and be responsible, as Noah Pollak suggests?

Allow me to propose a metric for evaluating whether a journalist is behaving responsibly or not: If he reports that Israel bombed a UN school and killed 30 civilians, he is irresponsible.

If he reports that Hamas used a UN school as a weapons cache and base of operations for launching mortars at the IDF, and the IDF’s return fire killed the Hamas cell along, tragically, with a yet-unspecified number of civilians, then he is behaving responsibly. If he wishes to be particularly scrupulous, he might additionally note that Hamas had rigged the school with explosives which detonated after the IDF took out the mortar team, killing a large additional number of civilians.

And he might add that you can go to the IDF’s Youtube channel to view footage from 2007 of Hamas using the very same school as a mortar-launching base.

Journalists who abjure reporting the vital details of this story should be called what they are — activists masquerading as reporters.

Good luck finding a scrupulous journalist.

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