Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Parshas and seifer Shmois — links

This week we are starting the second book of Torah, seifer Shemois, also known as Seifer haGeulah (fitting its popular name of “Exodus”). This week is also Rambam’s yortzeit — and a birthday of some of his potential gilgulim.

Some classes from Rabbi Paltiel:

Introduction to the Book of Shmois
The shiur begins with an introduction to The Book of Shemos (the exodus process starts with a description of the exile and culminates in the building of the mishkan because the departure from galus is not strictly physical). The shiur then continues the regular series on analysis of the first pasuk. Sources include Rashi, Rabbenu Bechaye, Even Ezra, Rambam, and Chassidus.

[Very interesting shiur talking about two levels of exile, drawing from Kabbalistic explanation of how “Names” — Shemois — descending into Egypt refers to Hashem’s Names from Atzilus descending into this world. Also very interesting story about Noideh beYehudah opposing Baal Shem Tov and his eineklach “converting” to Chabad Chassidus.]
The Speech of Moshe
This class includes an analysis of Moshe Rabbenu's difficulty speaking. Sources include Rashi, Rambam, Ralbag, and other classic commentaries followed by insights on the topic from Chassidus.
Jewish refusal to assimilate and yartzeit of Rambam
[How did the Jews not assimilate. Rambam — seeming discrepancy between his personal character and his writings. Very fascinating shiur.]

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