Monday, January 5, 2009

The fast of 10th Teves, 5769

Tomorrow is the fast of 10th Teves, the day when the seige of Yerushalayim began.

On this video, the Rebbe is called to aliyah on 10th Teves, 5747:

The following video-shiur of Rabbi Paltiel is not for Yud Teves, but for the Three Weeks; since, however, it is about the Beis HaMikdosh and the advantage of the Third Beis HaMikdosh over the first two, I thought it appropriate to post it. Summary from (go to the link if you want to follow “inside” and see the slides used for the shiur):
The first Beis HaMikdash and the second Beis HaMikdash were both destroyed because of a specific weakness. The first was “top-heavy”. It was dominated by G-dliness and did not incorporate enough worldliness. The second had an excess of worldliness and was therefore “bottom-heavy”. It was a proper seat for the presence of the Shechinah but there was not enough G-dly light. The third Beis HaMikdash is going to encompass the strengths of both and therefore should be called the Triple Beis HaMikdash rather than the third.

(OK, on some computers the video is not working, but if you go to the web-site, you can watch it there.)

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