Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting out of a ticket through Gemara logic

Dixie Yid is my hero (anybody who uses anything to stomp a cop and get out of a ticket is). I agree with his logic and disagree with the commentators’ arguments (I think they misunderstood what DY was saying).

This reminds me why Gemara is so dangerous — because it is geshmake! You can so easily lose yourself in the intellectual pleasure of learning it that you forget that this is Eibeshter’s Will and Essence. When one chossid asked Tzemach Tzedek: “What should I do that I don’t enjoy learning Torah?”, the Rebbe answered: “And what should I do that I do enjoy learning it?”

The post was also referenced on Volokh Conspiracy blog.


DixieYid (جنوب يهودي) said...

Thanks CA!

At least now I know you were kidding about the "stomp a cop" thing. Ya got me there!

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