Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bloomberg on “disproportional” response

NYC mayor gives it to a sniveling CNN journalist:

(CNN bastards took off the video from their resource — thankfully, there is one on YouTube)

Thanks to Dixie Yid for posting.

An even better analogy than the one Bloomberg used is: imagine that 15 bandits come to your house and say, “Get out! This house belongs to us now!” When you don’t get out, they start shooting in your windows, killing, G-d forbid, your daughter.

You take a gun, get out of the building and start shooting at the sons of bitches. Ten of them are killed; the rest flee. Your neighbors condemn you: “Well, they killed only one of your children. First of all, you still have other three children left. Second, you killed ten people for one person — that’s a disproportionate response!”

The only answer that a normal human being can give to that is: “[Expletives deleted]! Hell, I am sorry I didn’t finish the rest of [expletive deleted].”

By the way, I like how they show explosion scenes in the background. Thinking, of course, a liberast seeing this will be horrified. At the same time, a normal person’s response is: “Alright! Way to go!”

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