Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is what got Pharaoh worried

News from Yeshiva World News. Now, imagine if every woman of a certain minority did this every time. Wouldn’t you get worried?


LE7 said...

I don't care how bad this sounds.

That's why I'm terrified to have kids. I guess free diapers is nice though.

Crawling Axe said...

Oh, come one. In a couple decades, she can have her own mafia. (That’s what I told my rabbi’s father who has eight kids, most of which are already married and having kids.)

My immediate rabbi has 12.

Or were you talking about having a lot all at once? That’s not likely to happen — she was using fertility drugs.

Also, this may sound bad, but I keep thinking about my mice. Lehavdil.

LE7 said...

No the reason a large family isn't so intimidating, is generally the children are spread out (AKA one or two years apart), it's not like being hit BAM with 8 kids all at once.

Although she'll get her own minyan pretty quickly that way.

webjem said...

Mafia is one way of describing it, but the term I like to use is an army.

How are your mice? Can you MRI mice? I imagine they'd never be still enough.

One more thing on big broods: Best thing you can do for your kids. The parents might have an army/mafia/squawking squadron, but the kids get a club they belong to for life.

Crawling Axe said...

Thank G-d you don’t need to do MRI on mice (it’s very… hmm… dubious anyway, shall we say?); you can do extracellular physiology. You can also do in vivo imaging of neuronal activity (not mri though), but that’s on a more cellular level.

For the most part, questions asked by people who would use fMRI are not answerable on mice.

Crawling Axe said...

And yeah, the mice are fine, B"H. Breeding.

webjem said...

Prodigiously, would you say?


2:10 - Actually, they would breed prodigiously eh?

You don't need to ask the little furry fellas questions! Just turn on some rap music and see if they know how to get their groove on!