Monday, January 19, 2009

Shoe-throwing journalist fears for his life

From here:
“He is in danger over there”, Poggia told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Monday. “He’s also in danger in other Muslim countries because people who support his action could try to make him a martyr.”
But… that’s… good for him, isn’t it? Or maybe all those virgins are not looking so good anymore? (I mean, after all is said and done, one is stuck with seventy-two wives. Not good…)


shmulie said...

I'm still not so sure it's a bad deal.

Remember, the demands on an arab husband are far fewer than what we are accustomed to.

Crawling Axe said...

Yes, but all that nagging (can’t say a marriage with 72 virgins is out of love)…

Also, I wonder what happens to the female suicide bombers acc. to Islam?

shmulie said...

It's a big dupe. They do it out of love.