Sunday, February 1, 2009

A thought on Arabs
(German prisoners of war in Moscow)

WWII and post-WWII history teaches us a very important lesson applicable to the war with Arabs.

If we are to defeat the Muslim civilization in this war, like we defeated Germans and Japanese, there is only one way to do it.

Break them. Defeat them militarily, dominate and publicly humiliate (primarily in their own eyes) their culture, and turn them into soft-spoken, leather-wearing hippies. There is no other solution.

German and Japanese nations suffered a number of military and cultural defeats throughout history, yet they remained the same. They retained the same ambitions and goals and behaved the same way during subsequent wars. Until they were defeated, occupied, nullified and transformed.

One cannot domesticate a wolf. It needs to be turned into a dog.

* * *

Update: As this post notes, Israel has already achieved pretty good results with Egypt and Jordan. OK, not complete transformation like in Japan and Germany, but something one can live with…

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