Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Seeing G-d in the world

Recently, I visited MIT museum of science. I used to think that it’s very difficult to see Hashem in the science. But I may be changing my opinion. Just like when you cook something in a pan in which another dish has been cooked, and the second dish absorbs the taste of the first, when you look at the world, having learned Chassidus (which explains that — and how — there is nothing but G-d), you can see Hashem in the Universe.

I think.

A few moments in the life of a cell (turning on sound helps — but beware…).


shmulie said...


It seems like they made this to appeal to the popular mind. If that's the case, it's sorely missing context. There should be some kind of larger, identifiable map overlayed on the screen, something that can relate the picture to the viewer's experience.

Crawling Axe said...

They made it appeal to someone who took an undergrad-level Biology class. Perhaps molecular biology or biochemistry. Most parts of the cell (membrane with membrane-bound proteins, exoskeleton, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, DNA transcription and translation, mitochondria, Golgi complex, etc.) are well identifiable.

Of course, to somebody who doesn’t know much about cell biology, it’s like saying, lehavdil, “Nu, Rashi, Tosfos, Rambam, Ramban — it’s all clear” to somebody who only knows about Tanach.

So, I agree, some sort of supplementary material would be nice.

Crawling Axe said...

The cool part of the video was kinesin.

LE7 said...

Learning Bio and Chem, I have always claimed and still do, that it totally increases my awe of Hashem.

Watching that video was fun. It was a nice molecular biology review.

CA - I know the kinesin was freakin' awesome!! I remember learning about motor proteins and thinking "Wtf? They're serious?" Seeing a kinesin is motion was something else... of course this is all an artist's rendition of cell processes.

It's funny, in my head cells look like nicely drawn cartoons.

Not to note that all of the processes shown are occurring at lightening speed every moment.

LE7 said...


Crawling Axe said...

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