Friday, February 13, 2009

Lodgers of an Old House

In order to produce something like this in the US, one has to be on drugs or clinically depressed. And still, one won’t make it…

In Russia, stuff like this is in the air (or used to be):

I mean, what the hell is this?..

Or this…

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Anonymous said...

"on drugs or clinically depressed"?? There were no drugs in the Soviet Union. And I really doubt that a depressed person could have made something like that. Exactly the opposite is true. That first film is beautiful, and it harkens back to an earlier age. It's about nostalgia. If you didn't understand it, maybe it's you who's too tuned in to the modern world to slow down.

The second one was made for the "Classical Baby" series, which is American.

As for the third one, that's Ukrainian and is no different than the wackiness in American Looney Tunes.