Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Every single word comes from Chumash

Rabbi Paltiel: “I am thirty-six years old, and I learn Gemara. And I’ve been learning Gemara since I was nine or ten. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I started to see what I’ve always been brainwashed with. I started to see it — that every single word of Gemara comes from Chumash.”

Listen to the rest here. Very nice shiur on the role of Chassidus in making Torah relevant, comparison of Torah with, lehavdil, science, argument in Torah keeping it true and other good stuff.


Tuvia said...

Sounds like that would be an interesting read, thanks for the link

Crawling Axe said...

You’re welcome. Are you saying someone should transcribe it? :)

Tuvia said...

haha I just saved the link without looking, silly me. I guess I meant watching it :)