Friday, February 6, 2009


Shammai. Hilleil. Eilu v’eilu dvarim elokim chayim. Nu, so why don’t you follow Shammai?

Seventy faces in Toirah. Only one Moshe Rabbeinu. Aye, you want to grow in your avoida, in your connection to Eibeshter, it has to be geshmak, spiritual and beautiful for you? Fine. Pick your face. You want Him? Pick Moishe Rabbeinu. “Vayaminu b’Hashem u’Moishe avdoi.” You disagree who the Moishe Rabbeinu is? Fine. I am not going to say you are wrong and argue with you. I will respect your choice. But don’t argue with the idea of Moishe Rabbeinu. “Moishe emes u’Toirasoi emes…”. You know what the next sentence says?..

* * *

People forget two things. 1) We are intelligent beings. Intelligent beings should not think in a knee-jerk fashion. 2) Everything was created in opposites. We have what they have? This reminds you of that? So what? Don’t go to mikveh because X-ians have baptism. Don’t keep tznius because Muslims cover their faces.

“If you are you because I am I, and I am I because you are you, then I am not I, and you are not you. But if I am I because I am I, and you are you because you are you, then I am I, and you are you.”

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