Friday, February 13, 2009

Judaism on Health Care

Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, a very interesting Chabad speaker, talks on this topic. This lecture may be interesting to a wide range of audience. He discusses:
  • should we cure a disease if G-d created it?
  • if he can, is a doctor obligated to heal? can he take payment for it? for what exactly?
  • is the patient obligated to pay — and if he cannot, who is?
  • are the last two points decoupled (i.e., does one have to do with another)?
  • can a doctor come home from work if it involves breaking Shabbos?
  • do we expect people to pay or to receive help from community?
  • is there an order in providing help (one patient gets helped before another)?
  • what is “standing in front of us”?
  • general idea of tzedaka
  • is drinking alcohol muttar or assur? what about smoking?
  • is it pas nisht for girls to drink?
  • a little on DNR etc.

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