Monday, February 2, 2009

Between the Yud Shvats

Frierdiker Rebbe was both an idealist and an extremely practical man. [...] And these characteristics made him a Rebbe — not a tzaddik, not a businessman, but a Rebbe.
An extremely amazing shiur (or a farbrengen) on the year between the two Yud Shvats — that of Frierdiker Rebbe and the first Yud Shvat of the Rebbe. It starts with the Frierdiker Rebbe’s illness, goes on to talk about the year before our Rebbe became the Rebbe and culminates with the first farbrengen of our generation and the first ma’amor that the Rebbe delivered. I think the first years and the general overview of the nessius are also included at the end.

This shiur is amazing because of the details of the ongoing events and the little side-stories, which are always characteristic of Rabbi Paltiel’s shiurim.

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