Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soon, in all airports

A really funny Russian clip, in which fiction is mixed with reality. Famous actors are trying to leave Russia to go on vacation to Turkey. But, all modes of travel are blocked off. Russian airports are closed, with charter flights cancelled by the "Ministry of Travel". Russian railways cannot accommodate all the travelers. GAI (Russian traffic-control police) is interfering with travel by car. And so on.

Scene from movies are interspersed with scenes from real life.

The clip ends with: "Soon, in all airports".

Meanwhile, Russia is working hard to maintain its international image of real-life Mordor (I think Iran is runner-up):


I think even Tolkien’s Uruk-hai would seem as High Elves when put side-by-side with Russian cops and politicians, working hard to maintain the thousand-year feudal regime (as everyone knows, the answer to the question of "Why did it take so long for Russia to abolish serfdom?" is: Russian people care about traditions):

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