Sunday, July 3, 2011

A conversation with a liberal

Me (looking at the picture of Obama with family): he has my haircut. [It's a long story involving an accident with electric clippers.]
A liberal: yeah, your hair looks similar.
Me: That's about one thing that we have in common.
L: Well, that's probably not the only thing you have in common. He is a very intelligent man.
Me: How is that revealed?
L: Well, he wrote a very good book.
Me: How is that revealed in his presidency? [Not that I agree that his book was any good. Also: ahem.]
L: Well, his mistake is trying to please everyone.
Me: Such as Islamic Brotherhood and Taliban?
L: We did not start talks with Taliban.
Me: Yes we did. As someone said, ‎"Obama is willing to negotiate unconditionally with Iran. He started talks with Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. He started 'preliminary negotiations' with Taliban. But of course, one must draw a line somewhere, over which he won’t allow the enemy to step over and won’t negotiate. That line is discussion with Republicans about the budget."
L: Republicans think that rich people should not pay taxes. Those rich bastards can afford it. My brother is a rich man, but he says he would never vote for Republicans, because they don't care about the common man. And now we will bentch.

I am sure the doctors who practiced bleeding also cared about their patients.

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Anonymous said...

Haha. Tsis post had me laughing quite hard:)