Thursday, July 21, 2011

Down Russian rivers

Artemiy Lebedev is continuing his journey down Russian rivers. I assume you're not interested in the clip where he went swimming in the shallow waters, and his boat got a part of its engine damaged (afterwards, they spent long time hypothesizing which part it might be, took it apart, realized it was a safety mechanism, and were happy).

This episode, however, I find interesting. I call it the Hellholes of Russia. I am posting the most interesting clip first.

Uchma, or "If you think this museum is bizarre, you should've seen the reality" (also, Karl Marx transformed into a medieval hero):

Myshkin, or "Meeting a woman with verbal diarrhea" ("We have fishing mafia — Five Families that control the fishing of Myshkin Volga. Our fish is the tastiest. Also, the most expensive."):

Kalyazin, or "Reminds me of Pripyat', except there are more ticks there..." (at the beginning of the clip, you see a tower in the middle of a lake, which is the Mage Circle Tower featured in Dragon Age: Origins):

How Russians look when hungover:

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