Monday, September 6, 2010

Looking for a band to play at a wedding

I am looking for a traditional instrumental band (or just a group of musicians) to play at my wedding mid-January in Boston area, be"H. Must be able to play this kind of music:

Nothing electric!

Please contact me with any suggestions, advice, proposals (with price included), referals, etc. We are on a tight budget, so we are looking for someone who won’t charge too much (so, Musical School students rather than super-professional bands), but any suggestion is welcome.


Altie said...

I'm sorry, I feel like I'm missing something. When did you get engaged?

CA said...

We went to the ohel on the eve of Reb Leivik’s yortzeit. We announced a few weeks ago.

Altie said...

Then let me wish you mazal tov. :) I am so happy for you. That is great news.

CA said...

Thank you. Ksiva v’chassima toiva.