Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Down with lawyers

Talmud says: “If you have an inclination to kill, you should become a butcher. If you have an inclination to steal, you should become a lawyer. If you have an inclination to lie, you should become a journalist. If you have an inclination to do all three acts, you should become a politician.”

From Facebook:
Funny thing: in Japan, where everything else costs 2 to 4 times what it does in the US, healthcare costs much less and quality is higher.

It would be interesting to know how they do this, but two things come to mind: In the U.S. we have a system that subjects medical students to hazing and limits the number of medical students; in Japan, they limit the number of lawyers produced each year.


e said...

There are lots of gullible people out there who will think that that's a real quote from the Talmud.

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We still some lawyers, like... Jewish lawyers!