Friday, May 21, 2010

You will learn for the State

Continued from the last post.

Interesting comments from YouTube:

2:56 --> ACK! It's like the Small World ride in Disney World! All animatronic puppets O_O
It's gonna be a great day and a sad, sad day when this oppressive sway over these people is finally broken. Great, because they will at last be free, but sad because the reality of their "great" country's true "standing" in the world, and the fact that no one outside North Korea holds their Dear Leader in any regard, will be a brutal slap in the face for them

The absolute LAST thing that South Korea wants is for North Korea to dismantle and go out of existence. That means they would have about 30+Million refugees flooding the south. The same thing happened when the wall fell in Germany. "You know why Chinese peple are so happy?!? They still have a wall" -Joke told to me by a German tour guide as we were on our way to Amsterdam, Holland.

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The Real Shliach said...

The problem with North Korea is that the people there have never had any experience with the West. Unlike other communist/dictator-administered countries, they never had any liberal times. Even if the regime fell the current population just wouldn't get it.