Thursday, June 4, 2009

To kill a mockingbird

There is a bird that sings all the time in the mornings (“sings” is too poetic a word to describe that annoying noise) and doesn’t let me go to sleep — thank G-d it’s summer soon, so I will have to turn on my really old and really noise air conditioner.

The bird does it right by my window, which was surprising to me, because there aren’t really any trees right by my window (there are some a little father). Well, yesterday, when sitting in the car, I saw the bird, and I realized something: it doesn’t chirp sitting on a tree. It is chirping sitting inside my room’s wall (so, the house I live in is falling apart), where it made a nest — right in the wall, right near my window, which is right next to my bed (and my head when I am in the bed).

(If the clip doesn’t load, watch it here.)

Now I just need to find the right angle.

By the way, they say birds are attracted to sweet people. (Or was it mosquitoes?..)


sarabonne said...

I think it's mosquitos.

sarabonne said...

And vampires.

Anonymous said...
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