Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Even without knowing English, this movie is brilliant to watch. A slice of Russian society, from intelligentsia to bydlo. And from bureaucrats to academicians.

Scenes from the movie:

Four places for “cooperative garage” need to be reduced. “After careful considerations”, the names are read.

— Four is better than five. But worse than three.

— To disagree with the governing board is the same as… spit against wind.

— Why are you raising both hands?
— If I was wearing pants, I would raise both legs too.

The best part is when one man says that he “sold the Motherland for a car” (and his neighbors move away from him). After which he explains that he meant that he sold his family country house (and his neighbor moves back).


— Well, it’s not my fault that I am his son. One does not choose his parents, although I personally have no problems with mine. And what is your name?
— Marina. But I beg you: don’t tell me your first name. In my memory you shall always remain as “the son of Milosyerdov”. This is the romantic spirit of our times.

Locked — my favorite part of the movie:

— I know everything about you. You probably graduated from the Department of International Relations.
— Nope.
— Eastern Languages?
— Missed again.
— Well, then cinematography.
— No, you’re following a standard. You think just because I am “the son of Milosyerdov”, I am studying something in fashion.
— Don’t tell me you’re a plumber.
— Well, now you’re being dramatic. No, my profession is an archeologist. I am not too interested in the present, more in the past. What about you, a professor’s daughter?
— In my life everything is cliché. I studied in the Department of Linguistics — you know what they call it, department of brides. Now I am studying literature.
— Ours or foreign?
— Ours.
— From 19th century?
— No, modern.
— You have an interesting profession: you study that which does not exist.

— While I am here locked, she will marry somebody else. I know her.


mims said...

are you seriously asking your beloved bloggers to watch a film in a different language? its not going to happen.

Crawling Axe said...

I do have readers who understand Russian. Plus, the quotes are in English. And, as I said, just watching the emotions and reactions of people is worth it. Great actors…