Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama should be the new President

(Obama’s present to the plumber Joe)

Yes, I said it… I support Obama for being the new president. First of all, the Conservatives don’t have a candidate in this election. Neither do the Democrats, really: under normal circumstances, McCain would be from the Democrats, and Obama — from the Communist Party. After hearing some of McCain’s plans (e.g., about the medical care), I tend to agree. Yeah-yeah, on some issues he sounds Conservative, after all, he has to carry the flag, but once elected, he would act pretty spineless… I mean, liberal.

Of course, McCain would be the lesser of two evils, but herein lies the problem: the economy has been irrevocably f—d up by the government, through both long-term and short-term actions, and the government will probably continue to f— everything up for a while (depending on when it stops, this crisis will be just another crisis, may become a long stagnation, or even worse). So, if a Republican becomes a president, people will blame the f—d-up economy on free market (as they are doing already), and then for sure will elect a Democrat for the next term — possibly, even more socialist one than Obama.

If Obama is elected, however, it will be no worse than another Jimmy Carter presidency. Obama will have trouble convincing Congress to do anything too stupid, but will probably f— up enough times on minor issues both inside the country and internationally for everyone to realize whom they have elected. This would happen to most Democrat presidents, but to Obama it will come naturally. The independents will get the cyclically occurring urge for a liberal in the office out of their system and will vote for a Republican (and, G-d willing, more Conservative one) next time around. The damage done by Obama for the country, economy and international affairs will not be as bad as damage done by a soft liberal and an ultra-liberal (following him) in the office.

So… ahem… everyone: vote for Obama. Change! Hope! Bread! With Wealth-Spread on top of it…

(Still vote “Yes” on Question 1, though. Now that a Socialist will be in the office in Washington, at least we can try to reduce socialism locally. Maybe we can import some of New Hampshire into Massachusetts.)

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