Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama helped a stranger 20 years ago

A story about how Obama helped a stranger 20 years ago by paying for her extra baggage in an airport. Which is why we should elect him as a President, so that he can “encourage” us to help strangers in all other areas of life — whether we want to or not, and whether we approve of who is being helped and for what reason or not. And whether those that are being supposedly helped are really being helped.

Well, in any event, the man is now cleared in my eyes. He may have associated with terrorists, assassins and people like Tony Rezko; he may have had a racist for a mentor; he may have committed a felony by violating Logan Act; he may be really bad for the country’s economy and international relations — but all of this is nothing, because he helped a stranger 20 years ago.

And if you read the article, the note at the end is simply charming: if this story turns out to be a lie, like numerous stories about Palin and McCain, well, in this case nobody will be hurt. How cute! Maybe this is the way some journalists think nowadays: “First, do no harm” — as long as I haven’t actually hurt anyone, a little bit of lying is not unethical. Of course, not all journalists have such admirable self-restraint, so we should applaud those that limit their lying only to cases where nobody is hurt. At least, directly.

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