Sunday, October 5, 2008

“Bail out people, not banks!”

One of my colleagues said the same thing. Highly intelligent guy, by the way (no joking).

I have another idea: instead of giving easy mortgages to people with bad credit history — and when they can’t pay, bailing them out, as suggested — just give them taxpayers’ money to begin with, directly. Save a lot of hustle. Better yet: not the money of all tax payers, but just the rich people’s taxes. Actually, why stop at mortgages? Give the poor people credit cards, and send the bills to the rich folks. And anytime one of the poor people makes a mistake which costs him money, a rich person will pay for it. Yeah… Take from the rich and give to the poor… Hmm… Why did nobody ever think of that, huh?

And… and… why stop at money? Let’s equalize people’s opportunities and luxuries in all areas: let’s take over-privileged pretty people who got “pretty” genes from their parents (and thus are able to have sex a lot) and force them to have sex with under-privileged ugly people who didn’t get such good genes from their parents, affecting their opportunity to get ahead in life laid.
(Analogy suggested by [info]arbat.)

Liberals should make the guy in pink sunglasses one of their spokespersons. A scientific Marxist, no less.

I also liked how the brown-haired girl explained that the life in the Soviet Union was overall much better than in capitalist countries. That’s why so many poor people immigrated into the Soviet Union from capitalist countries, not vice versa. Yes, there were some people who decided to leave the Soviet Union and China and head for US, UK, Germany, Israel — but they were clearly masochists. Or very stupid and uneducated — whoever heard, for example, of Russian or Chinese scientists, writers, artists, programmers, or business people immigrating to capitalist countries?

By the way: Stalin’s murder of ~50 million people was apparently during the war on industrialization. Funny, I thought Stalin did all the purges trying to convert Russia’s economy from agrarian to industrialized as quickly as possible. It must have been the other way around!

Another woman: “I’ve been to Cuba several times, and I see… you know, there are not luxuries, but people have food! They have education!” Holly shit! Why didn’t I know about this? I am moving to Cuba right away. I mean, here I am, sitting in the US, with all my luxuries but no food or education. Especially since, as it turns out, people in Cuba “are free to speak out” about how conditions are so good. Everyone has food, clothes, place to live, a chair to sit on. I bet, they are also free to criticize capitalism.

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