Monday, October 6, 2008

Free iPhone

Continuing the topic of similarity of iPhones and socialism: under socialism, things are given to you “for free”. Of course, you find out later that “for free” means you pay several times the item’s cost for its wrapping — but hey, fair is fair; at least you got the item itself for free.

Alex Exler writes (in Russian) about conditions of getting an iPhone for free in Moscow: you sign up for MTC (Russian cell phone company) plan and get a free iPhone. Of course, you have to pay immediately 30,000 rubles and then use the company’s service for 15 months (5000 rubles a month) — but that’s part of getting a free iPhone. So, you pay $1200 right away for a free iPhone and then pay them $2000 more for 15 months’ worth of using it — not bad…

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