Friday, October 17, 2008

Boston Legal about Christians, Jews and aggression

From Boston Legal, a conversation between Allan Shore’s secretary, Catherine Piper (above), and the firm’s client, Bernard Ferrion, who has recently commited two murders (one against his mother, another — against his only friend, an elderly neighbor):
All I’m saying is: if you killed two people and if you’re as alone as you say, there couldn’t be a better time for you to turn to Jesus Christ, your Savior.
Under normal circumstances I’d agree.
I’m Jewish.
Bernie, there has never-ever been a Jewish serial killer.
Son of Sam? David Berkowitz?
He was adopted. Genetically, he’s one of ours.
Well, what are you saying?
I am saying that if you’re out there murdering people, on some level, you must want to be Christian. Would you let me take you to church?
(Update: Catherine Piper ends up killing Bernie with a skillet, when she realizes he is too evil, and stores his body in a freezer in her basement.)

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