Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sad stone

A very interesting thread on the Life in 19x19 forum. It's a game which two people play publicly, at the same time commenting on their thought process and receiving comments (but not suggestions, I assume) from others. (I am guessing the opponents cannot read each other's comments, or choose not to, since the comments are "hidden".)

I found this comment funny:
If you listen carefully, you can hear :b17: sobbing.

In addition to not helping the corner much and begging to be sealed in, it damages the two-space extension on the outside.
Go Diagram

Anyway, I recommend looking at these these so-called Malkovitch games (after the movie Being John Malkovitch, in which the main character gets to enter the actor John Malkovitch's mind.) Not only are they entertaining, but also quite instructive.

As a bonus, an interesting part from Hikaru no Go (unfortunately, the embedding still doesn't work properly):

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