Monday, January 16, 2012

The Hand of the Imbecile

In Japanese manga Hikaru no Go, a Japanese pre-teenage boy Hikaru Shindo is "haunted" by Sai, a spirit of an ancient Go player who first plays Go through him, then teaches him Go, and eventually encourages him to start his own journey as a professional Go player. In the manga, Sai reveals that he had also haunted a real-life Go player, Honinbo Shusaku, a 19th-century Go master, who is considered to be one of the best Go players in the history of the game (it is said that in 200 years, if only three Go players are remembered, they will be Honibo Shusaku, Honinbo Dosaku, and Go Seigen).

Basically, it's a Go equivalent of being haunted by the same spirit that haunted, say, Shakespeare or Einstein, and led them to their discoveries and inventions.

Sai claims that he had haunted Shusaku and is now haunting Hikaru because he wants to find Kami no Itte ("the Divine move"), a perfect move in a Go game.

I am sure that more than one Go player would love to have such a private Go tutor. In real life, however, things sometimes are different...

(Source. In general, I recommend ChiyoDad's blog. He hasn't updated in a while, but if you click on the archives on the right, you can read some fun posts about Go)

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