Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Driving is not a right; it's a privilege"

That's the statist propaganda they always tell you. That's what the "law says". So, a law can take away someone's right to use his private property in public space. Hello, Mr. Jefferson.

(Not that people should not be able to restrict someone else's rights in self-defense. That's a different story. Pay attention, as one local Israeli chossid says.)

Another thing: apparently, in Massachusetts, a driver no longer has a right of way. The other driver has responsibility to yield. We don't really have rights. We have responsibilities to society. (Sounds like Santorum, I know.)

It's incredible how America is slowly becoming a fascist state, and both liberals and conservatives are not only clueless, but are actually cheering on.

Final item in our collection. If a police officer demands a Breathalyzer test, and you refuse, you will be taken to prison. Then, if you're given a test there, and you pass, you still get your license suspended for 180 days. If you ask a statist "why", he or she answers: "Because why would you refuse the test if you weren't over the limit?" How about because I don't want an invasion of my property (my body) without a due cause (without clear evidence that I am invading other people's property)?

Imagine the following logic: A police officer stops you and demands a cavity search. You refuse. He takes you to police station, where you get searched. They find nothing. You get your license suspended for 180 days. Why? Well, why would you refuse a cavity search?

When a liberal person tells me that she hates being frisked by TSA in airports, I have no sympathy. You voted for a government that takes some of our liberties away, and the Republicans voted for a government that takes some others. You guys can bicker which liberties should be taken away in the name of "society", while I will continue to say that we need to go to the basics: upholding human rights to their property, to themselves, and to their lives and freedom.

The government can "step in" and use violence (in a form of law) only when someone clearly violates someone else's property rights. Otherwise, it's a tyrannical government that attempts to enslave the populace.


e said...

saw this on facebook!

Certified Ashkenazi said...

I am violating my own intellectual property rights.

Certified Ashkenazi said...

Actually, I updated the post (added more stuff).

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I had noticed.