Monday, December 22, 2008

How government created economic turmoil

Quite a detailed presentation (but worth watching its full length) on the sources of the financial crisis being routed in the government’s actions.
At Reason’s 40th anniversary event, held in Hollywood on November 14 and 15, the American Enterprise Institute’s Peter Wallison analyzed the roots of the current market meltdown and explained how government policies directly caused or massively exacerbated the housing bubble and the subsequent bust at the center of things.

The Arthur F. Burns Fellow in financial studies and codirector of AEI’s program on financial markets deregulation, Wallison is the author of several books including most recently, Competitive Equity: A better way to manage mutual funds.

Approximately 25 minutes.
Watch the bigger version here.

Some of Wallison’s articles: “What Got Us Here?”, etc.

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