Thursday, December 11, 2008

Egg in a bottle, cont. Oral tradition. Removing cork

The trick with the egg is another example of how Oral Torah was necessary to accompany the Written Torah.

Not only can you not successfully follow a written manual without a living person present and answering your questions about it, but even if you saw someone do something, you will sometimes have trouble repeating it. Why? You are missing some of the context. (Now, with the egg, it’s not that difficult to figure it out if you have some common sense, experience, and sense of humor — but try that with, lehavdil, 613 mitzvos).

Some more on eggs:

Now, this one may seem like a novelty to some people, but every medical student (or a viewer of E.R.) knows that this method has been used by surgeons for a long time (obviously, not with a plastic bag but with a catheter):


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