Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whatever US did, we will do too

... according to Indian Chief Minister Narendra Modi. Following terrorist attack, that is.

One of the things he mentioned (besides usual stuff like training, military response, planning, etc.) was “media education”. Halevai (one could wish) that happened in the US.

The media were just interviewing a Chinese guy, who kept saying “all is OK” but then admitted that he was scared. It’s not clear if he was just confused, if he was worried for his family or other people inside who would be harmed had he reported things not to be OK, or if he was just having a Chinese reflex: say everything is OK when in front of a camera.

Indian spokesperson talking to the British High Commissioner was concerned about the cricket team. The British guy was being British, spoke with British accent, talked about English citizens and gave some vague comments about cooperation between India and Britain. “We have some peop-pelle coming from Lon-ndon on Mon-nday. [...] We think these are appalling, completely unjustifiable attacks.” As opposed to other, justifiable terrorist attacks. He also mentioned that in his opinion travelling to Mumbai today is not the best idea.

The Israeli “girl” who escaped with a woman (a maid) was actually one of the shliach’s boys, who is well, B"H. The parents’ and another boy’s situation is still unknown.

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