Monday, November 24, 2008

Lawsuit against Apple

Who-hoo! A man sued Apple for having too many dropped calls on his iPhone. Apparently, when an iPhone user tries using a normal phone, the first reaction is surprise at how easy it is to speak without dropped calls, how easy it is to dial and use the phone, how easy it is to hold it. But then the addiction to shininess of the Apple abomination kicks back and the person has an urge to go and be intimate with his cute toy. The first comment to the second article expressed my thoughts almost exactly (I have additional reasons for hating Apple):
It seems like everyone who owns an iPhone knows that it sucks in so many of the most basic areas of mobile phone operation (especially for a supposed smartphone), and yet they just love that interface and all its “bells and whistles” so much they'll put up with anything! And same thing with the ubiquitous iPod; it’s mediocre in the most basic areas (sound quality, battery life, etc.) Plus the DRM-heavy iTunes all but guarantees that once someone buys on iTunes, they’re stuck with iPods and iTunes for good. Apple deserves kudos for its expertise in user interfaces, but even more than that it deserves the consumer backlash that will inevitably come if it keeps screwing customers like this. That’s why I’m sticking with Windows PCs, “other” MP3 players, and real phones. You keep your “sexy” Apple junk, just know that I pity you.
Someone I know didn’t know much about Apple and iPhones. She is a traditional PC (and normal cell phone) user. Then, her nephew in Israel asked her to buy him an iPhone and bring over when she goes there (iy”H). Last night, she went to an Apple store in a local mall and found out about the whole fascist Apple-AT&T love union. While before she thought my obsessive hatred of Apple was a bit strange, now she thinks that an American buying Apple is like a Jew buying a German car.

By the way, one of the reasons Windows is so glitchy is that Microsoft was forced by its rivals to spend almost a decade in anti-trust law suits. As a result, much of the company’s creative energy (especially that of its leaders who brought us Windows) was not spent on developing and improving the OS but on legal bullshit. The same thing happened with every company victimized by fascist anti-trust attacks. Either it was ruined by them (even when it won) or it suffered major losses affecting the quality of its product. At the same time, it is due to Microsoft that computers and OS are so affordable to everyday people. If it was up to Apple alone, there would be as many people using personal computers as there are people driving Rolls Royces. A personal computer would be a shiny item of luxury.

This is why I am so glad that Apple is finally being sued. Next step: suing the Apple–AT&T axis of evil as monopoly. Let the bastards taste some of their medicine.

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