Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama’s victory makes his supporters realize how empty their lives are

The Garlic has finally found something worthy to make fun of (before it was mostly a good tool to show how it’s not too far off from real journalist practices).
— Do you see an end to this, Jane?
— Well, you know Andrea, I think a lot of people just hope these people will die.
— I think you’re right.
— You know, worst case scenario is that someone with evil intent seizes control of them.
— Sure.
— They’ve proven their minds can be taken over by empty rhetoric.
— So if someone were to come up with a catch phrase as simple and vague as, “Yes we can...”
— Oh, awful. They would have an entire army of extremely energetic, insufferably annoying, mindless pawns at their command.
— OK. Well we’re going to pray that that does not happen. Thank you, Jane.


On a related note: conservative media (especially talk radio) will have a four-year-long party. Even usually liberally-oriented cynics like The Onion will have no choice but to make fun of the incumbent Symbol. As somebody said, whoever signed up a contract with Rush made a good deal.

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