Sunday, November 30, 2008

Videos of Chabad House in Mumbai


Every morning we read the passage of Akeidas Yitzchok in hopes of arousing Hashem’s mercy. None of us can truly comprehend what it must have felt like for Avraham Avinu. None except the parents of the kedoishim of Mumbai who gave up their lives for yiddishkeit.

May the memory and holiness of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Holtzberg protect us all. May they intercede for us in front of Hashem and ask Him to send Mashiach tzidkeinu speedily in our days. May their example and their actions echoing in this world and all the spiritual worlds every second give us strength to speed up the coming of geula, when the veil hiding Hashem’s Light will be lifted and all darkness will be banished forever.

This tragic event showed all Jewish nation how foolish and pointless discord and disunity are. We are one soul and one body. Let us unite together, and our oneness will reveal oneness of Hashem with the Universe. Let us together bring the day when He and His Name are One.

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Menashe said...

The thing is they did not just die al kidush Hashem. This is a big enough accomplishment. They also LIVED al kidush Hashem. They were and remain shluchim of the Rebbe nasi doreinu. What that entails no book, much less a blog, could ever properly recount. May their mesirus nefesh in life and death serve as a kapara for klal yisroel and bring the geula shleima vamitis, bkarov mamosh.