Saturday, December 24, 2011

Say no to tyrants

... and house-elfves:

(source: NL, anti-Putin demonstration in Moscow)

If you’re wondering what Doby has to do with anything, look at this face:

Oh, sorry, wrong one. I meant this:

Oh no, sorry. I am really confusing my totalitarian right-wingers today. I meant this:


guyinla said...

Not sure what you mean by totalitarian right wingers. By definition, totalitarianism is left of center, not right. All of Newt's big-government ideas are leftist policies, and that's why he gets hammered for them by the GOP.

Certified Ashkenazi said...

No, because in the general usage, Hitler was "ultra-right". I have discussed different usages of "right" and "left" and where I stand in relationship to them: (some of my views may have changed by now; I am linking to that post for the purpose of illustrating the Nolan chart).

So, totalitarianism is actually "below" center, but as both Liberals and Conservatives go lower, they meet -- imagine the "political circle" diagram inverted (so, on the Nolan chart, Hitler and Stalin are next to each other; one a little to the right and the other a little to the left).

guyinla said...

Sure, hitler is generally referred to as on the right; I think that's historical revisionism. Firstly, his political philosophy changed over time, but even when he was very pro private property, he was still for a government-managed economy. I don't believe he was ever right wing.I think in general the left calls him right wing because, according to the left, racism is a characteristic of the right wing.

Certified Ashkenazi said...

So, what is right-wing then?