Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reality is more awesome than Skyrim

Rough translation:
On July 13th, 1941, coming from Pesets district, Red Army soldier Ovcharenko was delivering ammunition for 3rd Machine-Gun Company, being four-five kilometres from the division.

Ovcharenko was attacked and surrounded by fifty German soldiers and three officers on two motor vehicles. 
A German officer left the car, ordered Ovcharenko to lift hands up, beat the rifle from his hands and began to interrogate him. In the vehicle's trunk, Ovcharenko had an ax. Without losing spirit, he beheaded the German officer with the ax and threw three grenades at the German car. 
Twenty one German soldiers were killed; others ran away in panic. Ovcharenko pursued a wounded officer with an ax in his hands. In the town Pesets, he caught up with the officer in a garden and decapitated him. Third officer managed to disappear. 
Without losing initiative, comrade Ovcharenko took documents from all the killed soldiers, maps from the officers, schematics and records and presented them to the regiment headquarters. 
The vehicle with supplies and products was delivered on time to his company. Comrade Ovcharenko continues his military life. He was raised to a machine gunner. 
— Commander of the Southern Front, General-Lieutenant Ryabyshev. Member of the Military Council, Korniets.
I do have one question. I know it probably did not escape other people's attention, but I just have to ask it. What happened between the "hands up, beat the rifle out of hands, interrogation" part and "got an ax from the trunk of the car and decapitated the German officer"? Is it just me, or is there a step missing there? Like: "Umm... Headquarters? Wait a second. Umm. I actually have a map to Stalin's headquarters in my trunk. Yeah. Just one sec... just stand there... just... whatchuhgot!.. slash..."

Anyway, I have no idea whether any of what the article describes actually happened, and if it did, what actually took place, but it's obvious that some Soviet newspapers had more action packed in them than some Skyrim let's-plays (hide annotations and skip to 2:00):

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