Saturday, December 10, 2011

I want the other half of the pile

In this post I wrote:

On the other hand, the situation is the same as in Republican primaries: all of the candidates suck, with the exception of Ron Paul. Choosing between these parties is like choosing between two weevils. 
I remember how my rabbi's father explained the difference between Catholic and Protestant church: when you're riding in a horse-driven cart, sometimes the horse does its business on the road. And sometimes the wheel drives through the horse's present and divides it in two. Now, what's the difference between the right half and the left half? That's basically the difference between Newt and Romney, between Communists and Putin in Russia, and between Democrats and Republicans in the US.
An illustration of this concept:


The poster says: "I did not vote for these bastards. I voted for different bastards! I demand a recount of votes!"

Point being: vote for Ron Paul.

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e said...

Point being, I dig Russian winter headgear.