Thursday, August 4, 2011

Waiting in front of an open door

(source of the picture)

One day, Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi met Eliyahu Hanavi in Peki'in, at the entrance of the cave where Rebbi Shimon bar Yochai had hid. "When will Moshiach come?" Rebbi Yehoshua asked Eliyahu. "Go ask him [Moshiach]," he replied. "He is sitting in Gan Eden, parallel to the entrance of Rome, amongst the suffering paupers. He cleans his wounds one at a time, so that if he is suddenly summoned to redeem the Yidden, he will not tarry for even a moment."

Rebbi Yehoshua went to the gates of Rome and asked Moshiach, "When will our master come?" "Today!" Moshiach assured him. Evening came, but Moshiach did not reveal himself. Rebbi Yehoshua returned to Eliyahu Hanavi, "Moshiach lied to me! He said he would come today and he did not." Eliyahu explained, "He was referring to the 'today' of the possuk, 'Today, if you will listen to Hashem's voice...'"
(סנהדרין צח ע"א)

Since I like the above source of Jewish pictures, here are a couple more (another old man and a child):


(My wife says: This child's face is clearly modern and not chassidic. Oh well...)

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