Sunday, August 28, 2011

Compassionate idiocy

Two locals inspect a small rosewood tree that is still standing after being hacked on many occasions.

From arbat:
Rosewood is an endangered species of Brasilian trees. It is endangered because Brasilian farmers need land. Liberal government places embargo on rosewood trade. 
Question for the audience: what's the worth of the rosewood to the Brasilian farmers now? Correct answer: zero. While before there was an incentive to keep some rosewood alive in order to trade in it, now it's just complete garbage...
More examples of idiocy: lobsters and 'illegal' wood from India for guitars.

The level of intellectual maturity that one sees is that of a toddler in a sandbox. So, the local, tactical point is that whenever you have a liberal making decisions that involve any emotion, (1) he will do so completely irrationally, (2) the effect will be for the most part opposite of the intended. We see this with charity, education, environmentalism, traffic, medicine, etc.

The more global point is: these are the people who are supposed to "govern" the country. They are presumably in charge of helping the economy "recover". These are the people that make treaties with other nations on our behalf. These are the people whose decisions have direct effect on our everyday lives.

Without going too deep into the specific nuances of politics and economics — why would you take someone who doesn't wash hands after going to the bathroom and can't bang a nail into the wall and allow him to perform an open-heart surgery?

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