Thursday, August 4, 2011

Red Bull commercial

I have been considering for a long time to monetize my blog. Today is the first step: a commercial for Red Bull from Norvezhskiy Lesnoy and Artemiy Lebedev. (For those who don’t speak Russian, the video is quite self-explanatory.)

What to do if you ran out of washing water on a ship? PG-13.

“To drink this rubbish is completely impossible. But for other purposes, such as brushing your teeth, refreshing yourself, cleaning your ears, etc., it’s quite good.”


e said...


Certified Ashkenazi said...

Which part?

e said...

the whole thing. I don't like seeing people wash themselves with red bull. The only part I liked was hearing them say "red bull" with a Russian accent.

Certified Ashkenazi said...

I am sorry you were so traumatized by it. I hope you didn't watch the whole thing.

(I wonder if washing oneself with Red Bull would be muttar during the 9 days.)

e said...

I did watch the whole thing.