Friday, December 24, 2010

Put it in focus

[via arbat:]

Two years ago: “Obama pledges economic focus during next two years
Last year: “Obama to focus hard on the economy
This year: “Obama puts renewed focus on the economy

Arbat: “The economy is already in such a focus that you can see every hair on its [elbow]”.

Maybe all the “focusing” is the problem? Maybe what the economy needs is to be left alone and allowed to restore itself once people re-invest the capital appropriately?

Statists remind me of a child that is looking at his cut, waiting for the scab to fall off, and as it’s trying to heal, the child keeps picking at it, causing more bleeding, more scabbing… and in the end, instead of a simple paper cut, you get an ugly scar (just like instead of a simple economic recession that would invert itself, America got a “Great Depression”).

[On the other hand, maybe what Obama needs is the service of ThorLabs. Unashamed promotion of a great company.]

Our Supreme Commander in the midst of “focusing”:

U.S. President Barack Obama walks on the fairway ...


e said...

Mah inyan thorlabs etzel economics?

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