Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bathroom OCD

I have to say that oftentimes, I have bathroom-related OCD. Especially when I am a guest somewhere. I am always afraid that the door is not locked. And I always double- and triple-check it. Complicated locks are not my friends. The locks that open automatically once I turn the knob from the inside are the worst. I can never be absolutely sure that the door is locked, unless I ask someone outside to try opening the door and witness him failing (Karl Popper would be happy) — which, of course, I never do.

Which is all why I agree with Ilya Birman that this design for a bathroom lock is the best, as it leaves no doubt as to whether the door is locked (and how securely):

Понятный интерфейс замка

(On the other hand, one time, while staying with my fiancée’s uncle and aunt, I couldn’t open the bathroom for a few minutes — the door wouldn’t open whichever way I turned the lock. By the time I managed to open the door, I started thinking I might have to spend the whole Shabbos in the bathroom.)

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e said...

the problem with those locks is that sometimes things get bent out of shape on old doors and they don't really fit right. Sometimes you have to leave the door a little bit open to get the hook to fit in the eye right.

aminspiration said...

the worst are the isreali ones..with the key..i was at someones house friday night and got stuck..i was contemplating climbing the toilet seat and climbing out the window but the hosts heard me fumbling..and came to my rescue..a bit mortifying but always a funny story!