Sunday, December 5, 2010

Of Nazis and airports

If terrorists learn that elderly white women from Iowa are exempt from screening, that’s exactly whom they will recruit.
Three links.

About a mother.

About a daughter. (All friends of political correctness and “equality”? That child was groped by a stranger thanks to you.)

But it’s all for our safety, aint’t it? Sure...

arbat says: what the airport searches are about is not security (watch the third videos). It’s about fascist show-offs. We have to show to the public that we care about its safety. Flirt with the masses, to borrow an expression from The Big Soviet Encyclopedia. So, we do it in a rough, brutal way, with zero quality.

And people wonder why I am a libertarian.


e said...

I saw a great line in the newspaper. Someone at the TSA said something to the effect of, "Airport screenings are supposed to make travelers feel safe, not humiliated." Precisely. It's all about how the travelers feel.

Certified Ashkenazi said...

Imagine if this was privately owned. No business that treats its customers this way would survive.

e said...


mor said...

wait - the airlines are privately owned. You should open crawlingaxe airlines and not screen people and see who shows up to ride your planes. I mean - they are not required by law to employ the security people, are they?

A priori said...

I bet they are obligated.