Sunday, June 6, 2010

Walter Block on radio

I am from New Orleans, and recently, a government river killed a lot of people.

A Jewish libertarian professor of law from Loyola University (New Orleans) talks about privatization of rivers and roads, about the ecological disaster in the Gulf, about the contribution of the free market (and avarice) vs. the government to the crisis, the difference between Keynesian (including the evil Chicago school) economists vs. Austrian economists, and many other topics.

Dr. Block is a libertarian, but it’s hard to figure out whether he is an anarchist or minirchist. (I think it’s like mishichist vs. anti-mishichist. Different libertarians say different things, but you know they are all secretly — or openly — you-know-what.) In any event, I think the interview is very interesting, whichever religious views about the economics you adhere to.

Listen here.

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