Thursday, June 10, 2010

If Russia was dealing with Palestinians...

...Gaza would be a parking lot (as one of my friends says).

An excerpt from some Russian book I saw online:
Officers of Control of the Commanding VDV were on an airplane for inspection of one of the paratrooper divisions. The officers were discussing the question of the civilian plane hijacked by Islamist terrorists and the future fate of the hostages. The report about this was shown on the television the night before. B.F. Margelov heard the conversation and gave an example from his experience, from the war with Finland.

After returning from the scouting ride behind the enemy's front line, he came with a report to the headquarters and was told that the night before, a Finnish division of skiers attacked behind our front line, inflicting heavy losses. Most importantly, however, they attacked our hospital and cut down without a single shot all the wounded and medical stuff (medics and nurses — mostly women).

Our commanding officers were given an order to organize an action of reprisal. Returning to the battalion, they brought all the soldiers into the hospital and showed them the results of the attack. Every single soldier saw with his own eyes the bloodbath and the corpses of women.

After that, nobody asked any questions about the goal of the reprisal. The battalion used their skis and left into the night silently. After an attacking ride behind the enemy's front lines, at the dawn, they came to a Finnish bathing-laundry complex. Spies quickly removed the guards and gave a signal that path is clear. One division entered the barracks and opened throats of everyone sleeping. It must be noted that the auxiliary divisions of the Finnish armies consisted then mostly of women volunteers. After throwing around leaflets with the reasons of the reprisal action, the battalion disappeared in the forest.

After this event never was there a single attempt of an attack on our medical facilities.

The commander became silent for a long time and then said that in his opinion, the terrorists are so insolent because everyone is so humane with them.

By the way, the Geneva Convention allows acts of reprisal to force the enemy to stop actions that themselves violate the Convention.

Not that I approve of the above. Or disapprove. War is a difficult thing. (On the other hand, why should moral decisions be suspended during a war?)

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