Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iPhones kill

Time Warp Project from Uirá Lamour on Vimeo.

Also, obviously, American music and not wearing seat belts while driving at fast speeds.

This clip shows that wearing a seat belt at low speeds, in the city, is completely useless. A seat belt would do nothing to prevent this guy from banging his head. In fact, his having banged the head, the seat belt would probably make it harder for him to get out of the car (since it’s difficult to fumble with the seat belt with a concussion).

P.S. Actually, I’ve watched the first clip again, and it seems that when the guy looks up, he is still in his lane, and it is the other car that crashes into him, suddenly — which, considering the speed at which he was driving, would be difficult to avoid anyway. So, what is the clip trying to say: if you look down to text or change the track on your phone/iPod, then another car might crash into you? Also, nobody spends that much time looking down. You look down, look up, look down, etc. Not that it’s not still dangerous...

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