Monday, October 4, 2010

Liberal humor

In the style of Lavrentiy Beria:

This is also (almost as) funny (gotta say again: kick-ass music despite the disturbing contents):

Which was reminiscent of this:

[videos via arbat]

P.S. After reading this (about Beria):
In 1924, he led the repression of a Georgian nationalist uprising, after which up to 10,000 people were executed. For this display of "Bolshevik ruthlessness", Beria was appointed head of the "secret-political division" of the Transcaucasian OGPU and was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.
 ... I had two thoughts: (1) no wonder the myths of blood-sucking monsters (vampires, etc.) were the most prevalent in the Eastern Europe, (2) no wonder Russia considers itself the Third Rome. That's why I am not so worried about America. The worst kind of monster it can produce is in the style of Woodrow Wilson or FDR.

I will leave you with this thought:


theRealPianist said...

i can't read your republican propoganda anymore!

CA said...

As my future grandmother-in-law said, "Truth will set you free". Also, I just had a cup of cacao (on water) with too much cacao in it. I am all jittery now.