Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brief overview of Polish history

While I was watching this video, it was interesting for me to note that as usual, all the progress in Polish society shown here was done by private individuals, while all the destruction, the death, the poverty and the misery was wrought by the governments (both of Poland and of the neighbors). Female singing only at the very beginning.

Animated History of Poland [FULL VERSION] from styczek on Vimeo.

Also note that the Poles were the first to invade Russia and have been bad neighbors of both Russia and Ukraine long ago before Russian Empire annexed Poland. (It was the outrage against Polish landlords occupying Ukrainian lands that led Bogdan Chmel’nitzky, may his name be blotted out, on a series of rebellious and bloody rampages in which civilians — including thousands of Jews — suffered too.)

Also, wasn’t that Beethoven playing at 5:20? I mean, I also don’t like Chopin, but still — seems a little rude...

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